Failure To Diagnose Skin Cancer

Failure To Diagnose Skin Cancer

Treatment of cancer, including skin cancer, needs to begin as soon as possible to be the most effective. This also necessitates a timely, correct diagnosis. Delays in recognizing symptoms of skin cancer can result in cells metastasizing throughout the region, often resulting in radical treatment and possibly death.

Failure to properly evaluate a biopsy or pathology report or recognize other symptoms may be considered medical negligence.

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Skin cancer, including melanoma, is highly curable if it is diagnosed in its early stages. If a diagnosis is made late, it may result in complications, additional procedures or death in the worst cases. Skin cancer affects people of all ages, not only the elderly.

Even if the cancerous lesion is removed, cancer may spread if removal is not done correctly. Sometimes, people whose skin cancer is diagnosed in a timely manner still suffer extensive harm because the cancer is not treated effectively and appropriately.

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