Building Collapse in Brooklyn, NY

Building Collapse in Brooklyn, NY

When a building collapses in Brooklyn, NY, it can lead to severe injuries and even death. If you suffered injuries due to the collapse of a building, you may be eligible for financial compensation. 

At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., our Brooklyn building collapse lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle these complex personal injury cases. We recognize this is a difficult time and that you’re dealing with pain and suffering in addition to substantial financial losses. Determining how to file a claim or lawsuit against those responsible for your injury should be the least of your concerns.

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How a NYC Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help Following a Building Collapse

How a NYC Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help Following a Building Collapse

Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C. is prepared to assist you if you’re a victim of a building collapse in Brooklyn. Our NYC personal injury lawyers have decades of experience fighting for the rights of injured city workers. We know what to expect and how to deliver the best possible outcome.

Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C. is a well-established and reputable Brooklyn law firm. We have extensive experience handling a variety of personal injury cases, including construction accidents and building collapses. When you hire us, you receive a skilled team that will aggressively fight for you. 

Here are a few examples of the services we provide:

  • Free initial consultation—you owe us nothing unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.
  • A qualified attorney always reviews and negotiates your case.
  • We thoroughly examine your case to comprehend the details and identify options.
  • We can help with medical arrangements and physician referrals
  • We communicate with the other parties within 24 hours

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Building Collapse in the United States

Brain injuries, paralysis, and fatalities can result from building collapse injuries. A variety of factors may cause a structure’s collapse. 

Some examples include:

  • Unsuitable building materials
  • Engineering or architectural design flaws in the structure
  • Foundational deficiencies
  • Insufficient structure maintenance
  • Inadequate building inspections
  • Water or fire damage

If you were inside a building that collapsed for any reason, you might be entitled to compensation if the building’s owner, architect, or engineer was negligent.

Failure to maintain a structurally sound and well-designed building that ensures the safety of occupants and visitors is unacceptable and endangers everyone. When you contact our law firm in Brooklyn for a free consultation, we’ll investigate your case thoroughly to determine exactly what caused the building to collapse and who is responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

Types of Building Collapses

There are three main types of building collapses. The first is a collapse that occurs during the building’s construction. In this instance, the construction workers inside the building or on the scaffolding surrounding it are most susceptible to injury.

The second type of building collapse involves an already-standing structure. In the event of such a collapse, those inside the building are the most susceptible to injury. This could include office workers, customers, or residents.

The third type of building collapse is the collapse of an adjacent secondary structure. Those inside the main building that has collapsed, as well as those inside the secondary structure, are the most vulnerable to injury.

Understanding the type of building collapse can aid in the collection of evidence for your case.

What Are the Signs of a Building’s Impending Collapse?

There are a number of indicators of a building collapse that can assist us in determining the precise nature of the collapse. Understanding these indicators allows us to determine whether negligence was a factor in the structure’s failure.

Some of the most prevalent signs include:

  • Prior fire damage
  • Snow/water accumulation on the roof
  • Creaking sounds 
  • Sagging or sunken wooden floors
  • Off-level flooring and stairways
  • Large plaster sheets falling from the wall

If you were in a structure that collapsed and any of the above indicators were present, you may have a construction accident claim.

Building Collapse Injuries

The Brooklyn building collapse lawyers at Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., are familiar with the most common injuries resulting from negligence. 

We can assist you in pursuing compensation for any injuries, including:

Experiencing such a catastrophic event can be life-altering and incredibly traumatic in unimaginable ways. Those whose negligence caused this to happen to you should be held liable. 

Your compensation could include damages for lost income, medical bills, mental anguish, pain & suffering, and more.

Statute Of Limitations for Brooklyn Building Collapse Claims

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in Brooklyn due to a building collapse, it’s imperative that you hire an attorney immediately. You have only a limited time to file a lawsuit against the negligent parties. 

In New York, the statute of limitations for most personal injury cases is three years from the date of the accident. A personal injury claim cannot be made after this window of time has passed. This is all the more reason for you to contact our law offices immediately to initiate your lawsuit.

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