Municipal Liability

The city where you live or work has a responsibility to its citizens and visitors: to keep you safe, to enforce laws and to protect you from such offenses as police brutality or false arrest. If you have been injured or if your family member has suffered catastrophic injury or loss of life as a result of a police beating or a violent attack in a public school, contact the law offices of Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C.

New York Municipal Liability Attorneys

Our personal injury attorneys are ready to listen to your story and begin an investigation which may lead to the compensation that you need and deserve after an injury or death that is the city's responsibility.

Our lawyers represent clients with municipal liability cases such as the following:

  • Delayed ambulance dispatch or ambulance delay resulting from misdirection among city streets, leading to serious injury or death of asthma, heart attack or stroke victims
  • Dispatch of the wrong type of ambulance resulting in injury or death to patients whose conditions cannot be properly treated without the proper advanced life support equipment and emergency care personnel
  • Police brutality or abuse as when suspects (often innocent) suffer unnecessary beatings at the hands of police who use excessive force
  • False arrest, when police hold suspects for unreasonable lengths of time or conducting searches without probable cause
  • Violent attacks or slip and fall accidents in public schools where inadequate security or improper facility maintenance was the root cause

In municipal liability cases as in all personal injury cases, our attorneys strive to educate our clients while we diligently investigate and prepare cases for injuries resulting from negligence by city agencies or personnel.

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Our law firm's formula for success over 40 years is based on a combination of client involvement and aggressive advocacy. Contact us to schedule a free consultation if you have been injured or if your loved one was killed in circumstances that may be the responsibility of your municipality.