Identifying All Liable Parties After A Trucking Accident

Identifying All Liable Parties After A Trucking Accident

Accidents involving large commercial trucks rank among the most severe, dangerous and fatal types of wrecks on our nation’s highways. When the operators of these massive semitrucks fail to drive safely or push themselves to the point of exhaustion, other drivers pay the price.

Determining who is at fault for an accident involving a truck is a much more complicated process than that of other motor vehicles. This is due to the presence of multiple parties involved in the commercial trucking industry, including:

  • Truck drivers: Due to stringent delivery timelines, some drivers break the speed limit, push themselves to the point of exhaustion or operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Trucking companies: Companies often push drivers beyond reasonable physical limits to traverse extremely long distances in a short period.
  • Loaders: If a truck’s load is not balanced and loaded correctly, the driver is at an increased risk of losing control and causing a serious accident.
  • Truck parts manufacturers or maintainers: If manufacturers produce faulty parts, or maintainers do not repair trucks correctly, a catastrophic mechanical failure could occur.

Commercial trucking businesses and the companies that insure them will fight to minimize the extent of your injuries. Protect your right to the settlement you deserve by seeking skilled legal counsel.

At , our lawyers capitalize on decades of combined legal experience to help identify all of the parties responsible for your injuries. Our accident reconstruction professionals can piece together the circumstances surrounding your accident. This process helps protect your right to a settlement, which addresses the full range of your injuries, lost wages and future medical needs.

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