New York ranks as one of the worst cities for drivers

You recently moved to Manhattan to start a new job. You have always owned a car and commuted to work, and so you assume that you will do the same thing in New York. You know that it’s a big city and that a lot of people use public transportation, but you like the freedom… read more

Does optimism bias lead to distracted driving?

A lot of things lead to distracted driving. Some people struggle with phone addiction, for instance, so they feel like they cannot put the phone down behind the wheel. Others run late for everything they do, so they often find themselves eating or drinking behind the wheel as they attempt to get back on schedule…. read more

One day, one driver, two drunk driving arrests

Residents in New York State may often hear reports about how strict the state’s laws on drunk driving are. Most people are generally pleased to hear these reports as they provide a feeling of safety and security. Other people may wonder whether or not the laws are actually strict enough, knowing that there are many… read more

How could pedestrians avoid getting hit by a cyclist?

With the amount of traffic on the streets, New York is a city where walking is heavily encouraged. It can give you a good workout and more time to enjoy the unique locations and architecture that the Big Apple has to offer. Unfortunately, it isn’t just the impatient drivers in Times Square you’ll have to… read more

Taking action after your child was injured by a toy

When we buy new toys and gifts for our children, we expect them to be safe. Toys and equipment intended for use by children should have an indication of what age they are appropriate for. If your child is 4 and they were injured by a toy that was labeled as being suitable for children… read more

Can surgical errors be avoided?

If you are like many people in New York, you are shocked and concerned every time you hear about a medical error – especially one that results in the death of a patient. Sadly, these events happen all too often. Some research in recent years even indicates that only cancer and heart disease claim more… read more