Injuries and accidents are, unfortunately, common occurrences in New York workplaces. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York workers were hurt at a rate of 2.2 injury incidents per 100 full-time workers in 2021 alone, with over 125,000 injury accidents among private employers. 

As a worker in New York, it is essential to learn more about some of the ways you can get injured at work. Take a look at these ten injuries New Yorkers frequently experience on the job:

1. Falls

Falls off of ladders or from scaffoldings and other high places seriously hurt over 211,000 workers nationwide in 2020, according to the National Safety Council. Fall prevention devices and proper training can reduce the likelihood of a fall.

2. Repetitive Motion Injuries

Actions like using hand tools and typing can strain your hands, wrists, knees, and other body parts. Over time, the stress of these movements can cause painful and debilitating injuries.

3. Strain

A muscle strain occurs when you overexert yourself from performing a task. Straining your back by picking up a heavy load can pull the muscles in your back, limiting your ability to continue working until you heal.

4. Exposure To the Elements

Individuals who work outside in the elements are at risk for weather-related injuries. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are common dangers for workers in the summer. Similarly, exposed skin or inadequate protection during the winter can lead to frostbite and hypothermia.

5. Traffic Accidents

Over 37,000 traffic crashes resulting in injury or death occurred in New York City alone in 2022. Workers who must drive for a living, such as delivery drivers or cab drivers, are therefore at risk of suffering harm in these collisions.

6. Slip and Falls

Slipping on a wet floor or icy walkway can cause surprisingly severe damage to your back, neck, and hips. Workers who are older are at a greater risk of suffering significant harm in a slip and fall accident.

7. Exposure To Toxic Substances

If exposed to the skin, industrial chemicals can cause chemical burns, and even concentrated vapors from office cleaning products can make you ill. Other chemicals and products are eye and skin irritants and can cause you injury if not used properly.

8. Struck By Injuries

Being hit by an object can lead to catastrophic injuries. The extent of your harm will partly depend on how large the object is and the force it hits you with. For example, being struck by a motor vehicle while working in a construction zone can be fatal. Having a small hand tool hit you on the head when dropped from a height can likewise be debilitating or even life-threatening.

9. Electrocution Injuries

Workers whose jobs involve close proximity to electrical lines are at risk of accidental electrocution. But office workers can also face the risk of an electrical burn or shock from frayed or damaged electrical cords. Electrical outlets that are not properly wired present a similar danger.

10. Back Injuries

Beyond spraining the muscles in your back, improper lifting or trauma can lead to a herniated disc in your spine. This particularly painful injury can require surgical intervention in extreme cases.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

Virtually any work environment can cause some type of injury under the right conditions. To prevent workplace accidents, it is vital for employers to train employees in proper job practices and to provide a workplace that is safe and healthy.

If you’ve suffered an injury at your workplace, you may be left with life-altering injuries and mounting medical bills. An experienced New York personal injury lawyer can determine your options for obtaining the compensation you deserve.

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