Injuries happen in New York and elsewhere. It is simple a fact of life. When an individual or company is at fault for the injury a person sustains, however, a civil suit may follow.

In December, an 83-year-old woman from Queens suffered a broken nose while visiting an Apple store in Manhasset. She was at the store in hopes of returning an iPhone. While there, she did not realize there were clear glass doors in the building. She walked right into the see-through doors, fracturing her nose.

The woman is now suing Apple for her injuries. In the lawsuit, she claims the company was negligent for not providing a proper warning to customers about the clear glass wall. The woman denies any negligence on her part. She is seeking $1 million from the company.

Although Apple’s store design is intended to attract a young, modern and technologically advanced audience, the woman’s attorney notes that the company has to be aware of the dangers the design presents to other people.

It is unclear how this specific case will turn out. However, when New York residents are injured due to a property owner’s negligence, they may be eligible to collect compensation. Laws are in place to protect people who suffer because of dangerous conditions in apartment buildings, retail shops, hospitals, schools and other places.

Someone who has been injured would be wise to contact a personal injury attorney. An attorney can work to get people the compensation that they are entitled to.

Source: Reuters, “Woman Sues Apple for $1M Over Broken Nose,” Andrew Chow, April 3, 2012

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