If you’ve been injured in an accident in New York, NY due to the wrongful actions of another person, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Accident victims could recover money for economic losses such as medical expenses, past and future lost wages, property damage, and lost earning capacity.

Having an experienced New York City personal injury attorney representing you can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve to cover any losses from the accident. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another person, you don’t have to figure out how to get your due compensation on your own.

There are a few things that can help you understand how to choose a personal injury attorney in NYC.

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, you are likely feeling overwhelmed with physical and emotional pain. You deserve time to rest and recover. There are many ways an attorney can help during this time.

You’re More Likely to Get What You’re Owed

The parties responsible (or their insurance companies) may present you with a settlement offer for your injuries. Their offer will not necessarily be in your best interest. Their intention is to limit their liability to you as much as possible.

Therefore, what you are offered as a settlement may fall short of what is required to cover all the losses you’ve suffered. You’re likely to be entitled to more than just medical bills. A reputable personal injury law firm will have a team with the skills and expertise to assess your case and place a monetary value on your economic and non-economic losses, like pain and suffering.

A Lawyer Will Hold All Parties Accountable

A knowledgeable legal team will also ensure that all the parties that caused you harm are held responsible in your personal injury claims. For example, in a motor vehicle accident, there could be more than one party legally responsible for the accident and your injury.

In such situations, making a claim against all responsible parties is crucial, especially when dealing with capped insurance policies. An experienced NYC personal injury attorney has the resources to investigate the accident and identify all the parties legally responsible for your injury.

How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is very important to choose a personal injury attorney who is experienced in the type of injury you have suffered. Referrals from friends and family are a good place to start. But an online search could also reveal experienced personal injury attorneys that can competently handle your case. Start by researching attorneys practicing in your state.

You want to find out if they have handled personal injury cases similar to yours in the past. You also want to find testimonials and reviews from other clients they have represented. You should identify about three to five attorneys from your research.

After you have settled on a shortlist of about three to five attorneys, you should:

  • Visit their websites (most law firms today have one) and get information about the types of cases they handle;
  • Read the bios of the attorneys (remember that you are looking for the best experience, not the best education); and 
  • Check the state bar association to see if they are licensed to practice in your state and if there are any disciplinary actions against them.

Should I Meet With A Personal Injury Attorney Before I Hire Them?

Before you choose a personal injury attorney, it is a good idea to meet with them to discuss your case. Many personal injury attorneys will offer a free consultation. This is an opportunity to ask questions about your case, their experience, and expected costs and fees.

It also gives you an opportunity to experience their demeanor, how they treat you, and determine whether you feel comfortable having them as your representative. 

While no attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case, they can assess your case based on the particular facts and their past experience with similar cases.

You may be short-changed if you do not have an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for you. Whether you’re negotiating a settlement or going to court, you should choose an experienced lawyer who will fight for your best interest.

If you are in New York City and have been injured in a car accident, construction accident, slip and fall, or suffered loss from the wrongful death of a loved one, these tips should help you find trustworthy legal representation.

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