Some New York intersections have seen many changes to accommodate pedestrians, giving them more time to get to the other side before cars can pass. Additionally there has been an increase in bike lanes in an attempt to protect cyclists from traffic. However, not everyone thinks their design is conducive to safety.

Some of the new bike lanes are sandwiched between the curb and parked cars on the left. This means that cars going on the left side of the parked vehicles cannot see who is in the bicycle lane and cyclists cannot clearly see drivers who are turning right. This means they may not be able to slow down in time to avoid a crash.

In New York city alone last year, 28 cyclists and 124 pedestrians were killed, with thousands more getting injured. This is despite the measures being taken to improve their safety when traveling alongside motorists. Unfortunately, the lack of a cycling culture in the country means that motorists often are not even looking out for cyclists and do not realize they are sharing the roads with others. Added to this is the fact that red lights are often ignored by cyclists, pedestrians and motorists in New York. They dart out from between parked cars, assuming whoever is coming from the other side will be able to stop in time. Lastly, not everyone crossing the road is paying attention to the road—sounds are blocked out when headphones are on and those looking at cellphones cannot see how much time they have to cross safely.

No one suspects that the family member who went out for a bike ride or was walking back from the subway may not make it home because a motorist was not paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many face on a daily basis and loved ones have to live with the emotional and financial burden that results from a wrongful death. One way to hold negligent parties accountable for their behavior is by pursuing a civil claim against them and an experienced attorney can all available legal options with those interested.

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