People in New York who are evaluating their options for long-distance travel may often look at rail as an alternative to car or air options. The freedom of not having to operate a vehicle or be stuck in traffic can be highly attractive and the cost of train trips may be less than the comparable trip via plane. However, a rash of serious train crashes in the last couple of months may understandably be making people nervous about riding by train.

The most recent rail collision took place in the middle of the night when a passenger train carrying 145 people was diverted onto another track incorrectly. The track it was sent onto had a stationary freight train on it. Nothing was done to stop the passenger train as it plowed into the parked freight train. A total of 116 people were reported to have been injured in the wreck and two more died.

Early reports confirm that the signal that would typically control tracks at the crash location was not functioning so the placement and direction of trains was being managed by the freight train company who is also responsible for the tracks. Investigations are underway but a human error may have been made by not placing a track switch in the correct position, exposing innocent people to serious risk.

When families must mourn the loss of their loved ones due to such negligence, they may find it helpful to learn about their compensation options by talking with an attorney.

Source: NBC News, “Amtrak collides with freight train in South Carolina, killing two, injuring more than 100,” Danielle Silva, Tom Costello, Kurt Chirbas, Tim Stelloh, February 5, 2018

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