If you have ever owned a vehicle in New York, you may well have received a notice from the manufacturer about a recall of some sort. In many cases, these many well seem routine as they are not uncommon and they typically involve you taking your vehicle to a dealership for a repair at no cost to you. However, as routine as these recalls may be, they should be heeded. Also, understanding what may prompt a recall can be important for you as a consumer.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are two general scenarios that may lead to you receiving a vehicle recall notice. One of these is when your safety or the safety of others may be compromised due to some type of defect. The defect may be related directly to the vehicle itself or it may be related to a component or part of the vehicle. Another cause of a recall could be the failure of a vehicle or a vehicle’s component to satisfy the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

Recalls focus on the safety performance or accident prevention and therefore generally involve parts like air bags, seat belts, brakes, lights and tires. Even helmets for motorcycles fall into this category.

If you would like to learn more about how to get help after a problem with a faulty vehicle or component on a vehicle, please feel free to visit the vehicle safety defect page of our New York product liability website.

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