Everyone makes mistakes, but when someone’s negligence results in harm coming to another person, it is a serious matter. There are many people in New York who will lose someone they know to a fatal accident or as the result of negligence at some point in their lives. All they can do then is look to the future and perhaps attempt to seek justice for the person they have lost.

Whether their responsibility is direct or indirect, it is important that parties that have caused a death through negligence are held accountable for their carelessness to prevent it from harming anyone else. In a recent case in Connecticut, the father of a murdered woman accused police of negligence leading to her death. He is due to be awarded $10 million in this recently resolved wrongful death case.

The man’s daughter was killed in 2009, on Valentine’s Day, by an ex-boyfriend against whom she had a restraining order. According to the lawsuit, her attacker had violated the order on multiple occasions, but had not been arrested by police. The victim’s mother has described the horror of her daughter’s final months during which she pled with police for help as her ex harassed her.On Valentine’s Day, it is reported that the victim returned home to find her assailant waiting for her. He then proceeded to stab her 18 times. She managed to call 911 to report the stabbing, but unfortunately it was too late and she bled to death. Her father filed the wrongful death suit against officers from Bloomfield, Plainville and Waterbury. Hartford Superior Court ruled that two from Waterbury and three from Plainville could be considered to have been negligent.

Lawyers for the defense pointed out that the attacker’s actions were extreme and unexpected. Nevertheless, it appears possible that this woman’s tragic death could have been avoided, and that makes this a difficult case. Although it happened in another state, New York residents can learn from this family’s example. Establishing responsibility can be taxing, but a knowledgeable attorney may be able to help you seek justice.

Source:  Newsday, “Slain woman’s dad awarded $10M in police lawsuit,” April 29, 2014

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