When you think of a car accident, you might imagine busy roads, speeding cars or impaired drivers weaving between lanes. However, a car accident can occur due to a simple slip-up on a quiet road or even in a parking lot.

For one driver in New York, his potentially life-threatening crash occurred not long after he had gotten into his car at the Metro-North station in Valhalla.

The 63-year-old man careened through a fence after accidentally pressing the accelerator when he meant to hit the brake. His vehicle landed on the electrified tracks, causing a spectacle that witnesses won’t soon forget. According to one witness, a series of three explosions ensued, with one sending the car into the air. The vehicle caught fire and onlookers began to expect the worst.

The fence got so hot that it set fire to the station’s deck and prevented bystanders from going to the man’s rescue. Somehow, he managed to get out of the vehicle safely and was found beside the vehicle when the first response team arrived. The incident, which oddly enough was the second of its kind in as many weeks, closed the tracks for several hours while repairs were carried out. It is amazingly fortunate that no one was seriously hurt in this incident. Even so, it demonstrates to other drivers in New York how easily such an event can occur.

However careful you might be yourself, other people’s mistakes can be just as much a danger to you, so it pays to be alert. Nevertheless, if you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you should not have to suffer the resultant medical and repair costs. Whatever the cause of your accident, an attorney may be able to help, either in seeking compensation or ensuring that your insurance company offers a fair payout.

Source: CBS New York, “Driver Escapes As Car Crashes Onto Metro-North Tracks, Catches Fire,” May 19, 2014

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