The damage resulting from an accident on New York’s busier roads can be extensive. Multiple lanes are often populated with vehicles traveling at high speeds, and it only takes a small error to cause injury or even death. The busy highways of New York are no exception, as evidenced by a recent multi-vehicle accident in Orange County.

The incident took place near Exit 16 on the northbound lanes of Interstate 87. Two tractor-trailers, a Thruway Authority plow truck and four passenger cars were involved. All northbound lanes were closed for several hours due to the accident.

According to reports, the plow truck — which was in the left lane — began belching smoke, forcing other vehicles approaching it to swerve out of the way. Apparently seeing the commotion, a car in the right lane slowed down; that car was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer and was pushed into the rear of a different semi-truck. The driver of that car, a 53-year-old man, was killed. Six other people involved in the accident were treated for injuries, although all of them were expected to survive.

The traumatic experience of a car accident can result in medical expenses that place financial strain on individuals and their families. In addition, serious injury can have lifelong effects on a person’s independence, well-being and future earning potential. Be sure to consider all your options while you are dealing with the after math of a multi-vehicle accident. Choosing the right legal advice can have a big difference on your ability to recover and move on.

Source: Associated Press, “Smoking snowplow started fatal crash on New York State Thruway,” Feb. 27, 2014