Ever since it boomed to become an economic capital, Manhattan has had more than its fair share of traffic mishaps. These are often caused by drivers who exhibit complete disregard for other people’s safety. Because of this, negligent drivers have inflicted harm to numerous residents in the events of car accidents and hit-and-runs.

In a similar context, a woman from New York was injured in a recent crash that occurred in Florham Park, New Jersey. According to reports, the wreck happened when the SUV operated by the 31-year-old woman was hit by another vehicle and rolled over.

According to authorities, the second vehicle was making a left turn out of a parking lot to go westbound when the crash occurred. A police officer said that the angle of the collision was enough to send the SUV up a curb and over on its top. The St. Albans, New York woman was sent to a nearby hospital. Authorities said that no charges were filed yet, but an investigation is still on-going.

The reason behind this car accident is still uncertain, but the evidence of how dangerous a car wreck can bespeaks for itself. A person was sent to a hospital because of someone else’s misconduct. What readers in Manhattan may not know is that a simple accident like this could have ugly consequences which include brain injuries, paralysis and even death. As a result, the victims are often left to suffer pain and financial difficulties.

When such a thing happens, car accident victims from Manhattan may consult legal professionals and choose an attorney who can understand the situations they face. A good attorney can help these victims throughout the legal proceedings by setting up a solid strategy so that the victims can receive compensation that may fund their recovery.

Source: Florham Park Eagle, “Driver hurt in 2-car crash in Florham Park,” July 15, 2013

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