The Problem of Elder Abuse In New York

More and more seniors in New York and across the nation are becoming the victims of elder neglect or elder abuse.

Elder abuse and neglect is one of the serious issues facing our nation’s aging population today. New Yorkers who want to protect their loved ones have many types of abuse or neglect to watch out for.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, the number of people impacted by this type of abuse could be as high as two million. It is also known that many cases of injury to elders. Victims may endure slapping, hitting, kicking, restraining and other harmful actions. The injuries that result are often not able to be explained in any logical manner.

When an elderly person is not given the right care, the neglect can lead to both emotional and physical problems. Sexual abuse can do the same.

Some people will threaten or verbally intimidate an elderly person, causing sometimes severe emotional trauma. When a person who is responsible for caring for an elder leaves them, the abandonment is also very upsetting and damaging.

Sweetheart scams or other plans to obtain money or other assets from an elderly person can also take place. These can leave the victim with depleted resources that can hinder their ability to receive care.

How can New York’s elderly population be helped?

Every county in the state has an Adult Protective Services department. When neglect or abuse of an elderly person is suspected, APS should be notified. It is also helpful for people to talk to an attorney with experience in nursing home neglect or elder abuse cases.