Surgeries — no matter how extreme — can require months of healing, but a surgical error can make way for a whole new set of complications. While to err is human, there are some precautions New York patients can take when planning their next procedure, including learning about common mistakes surgeons make, as well as looking for ideal traits in a trustworthy and reputable doctor. 

News outlet The Cheat Sheet shares some of the most common surgical mistakes that can lead to potential dangers. Some of the listed mistakes include removing a breathing tube too early, not washing hands when wearing latex gloves, spreading infection through a ventilator and giving the wrong dosage of medication. This last mistake is, unfortunately, also one of the riskiest. Other errors involve a doctor’s operating on the wrong side of the body or the wrong patient entirely, although these cases are rare. Lastly, some patients suffer and do not even cross paths with a surgeon; overcrowded hospital waiting rooms leave some patients deprived of the immediate medical attention they need.

An article from AxcessNews explains that many patients are unaware that they have choices when it comes to finding a surgeon. In addition to finding a reliable hospital, patients can look for successful, experienced surgeons that can bring peace of both mind and body. One place to start when researching surgeons is to look to the credentials. Axcess directs patients to The Federation of State Medical Boards, which offers information on licensure and other medical details. Perhaps a more common approach is to simply search for a doctor’s reviews and ratings, as well as past issues. Whether it is for a minor procedure or a vital surgery, conducting research can prove beneficial for concerned patients. 

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