People in New York who receive medical diagnoses along with recommendations for treatments or procedures that may be invasive or have negative side effects have reason to be concerned. Similarly, people who are told by a doctor that nothing is wrong with them despite the fact that they are experiencing unusual and potentially unpleasant symptoms might also question what a medical professional is telling them.

These are just some of the situations that warrant a person seeking a second medical opinion. As explained by the Patient Advocate Foundation, some people may be hesitant to do this in part because they are afraid of offending the first doctor. That should not be the concern as it is the person’s health which must come first. Additionally, reputable and honest physicians will not be upset when a patient seeks additional input. In fact, these professionals will welcome such proactivity on the part of their patients.

The American Heart Association adds that in some cases a health insurance company may even require the input of a second health care provider before approving payment of certain treatments or surgeries. This is one way that may make it easier for people to pursue this input. 

Before going to a new doctor, patients should collect all of their medical data including test results, notes from procedures done to date and records from visits with the first doctor. This information can be sent to the second physician ahead of time and should also be brought by the patient during the visit.

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