We Hold Employers Accountable For Hostile Work Environments And Retaliation

Employees in the modern workplace deserve fair and equal treatment under the law. When employers fail to enforce policies to protect workers’ rights, they must be held accountable. The services of a professional attorney familiar with the laws and regulations governing workers’ rights are often necessary in these cases to put an end to illegal, discriminatory and harassing practices.

How To Recognize The Traits Of A Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment occurs when a business fails to take action to stop harassing behavior in the workplace between supervisors and employees or between co-workers, including:

  • Sexually charged jokes and innuendo
  • Hanging of inappropriate photos in common areas
  • Inappropriate, unwanted or unsolicited touching
  • Sexually harassing behavior and more

A hostile work environment violates employees’ rights to fair and equal treatment and often causes highly skilled and motivated employees to leave a business prematurely.

Seasoned Legal Representation To Stand Up For Victims Of Retaliation In The Workplace

Employees should feel free to bring concerns of sexual harassment to supervisors or human resources departments without fear of reprisal. In hostile work environments, however, supervisors and managers often target individuals who file complaints with adverse actions, including:

  • Demotion
  • Decreased responsibility
  • Fewer opportunities for training and advancement
  • Early termination

Stop Enduring The Pain Of A Hostile Work Environment Call For Professional Legal Counsel

At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., we have over 100 years of combined legal experience helping employees hold supervisors accountable for sexual harassment and retaliatory practices. Do not continue to endure the painful sting of a hostile work environment; reach out to our professional lawyers today and help put an end to the harassment. Our seasoned attorneys are standing by to provide a free initial consultation today. Learn more when you call us at 646-835-2175 or . You may also reach out to us online.

With our contingency fee-based representation, we do not collect a fee unless we achieve financial compensation in your case.