Fractures And Joint Injuries


A broken hip from a slip-and-fall accident in New York City, a compound leg fracture suffered in a pedestrian crosswalk accident, broken ribs caused by hitting the steering wheel in a car accident … these are serious injuries. Even a simple bone fracture may never heal the same. More severely broken bones may require open reduction surgery or the insertion of pins and plates.

A severe bone fracture can require expensive medical care and leave you with lasting pain and limited mobility. If a bone fracture is bad enough, it can prevent you from doing your job or participating in the activities you enjoy.

If you suffered a serious or compound bone fracture or crush injury due to an accident caused by another’s negligence, the lawyers of Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum in New York City can help you seek the compensation you need for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and any permanent impact on your quality of life.

Severe Joint Damage

A torn meniscus or rotator cuff can be excruciating and put you out of commission for a lengthy period. Joint injuries such as these often require painful and expensive surgery to correct. Even if the surgery is successful, you may still be left with lifelong limitations.

Some serious joint injuries may require future surgeries as well, due to the buildup of scar tissue. If a doctor negligently delays surgery or makes a mistake during the surgical repair of a ruptured tendon or torn ligament, the situation can go from bad to worse.

Hip And Femur Fractures

Fractures to the hip, femur or other bones in the leg are serious injuries. Even a simple bone fracture may never heal the same and may prevent a person from returning to the same job and performing the same activities as he or she did before the injury. Severe fractures and joint damage may require extensive surgery, the insertion of pins and plates, and lengthy and painful rehabilitation.

These types of serious fractures can arise from a wide range of accidents, including:

When these catastrophic accidents are the result of negligence, it is important to have an experienced lawyer thoroughly review what happened and inform you about your rights to compensation.

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