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Will that settlement offer cover the long-term cost of paralysis?

Whether you face the rest of your life as a quadriplegic (also called tetraplegic) or paraplegic after an accident, the insurance companies will more than likely offer you settlements far below what you need. In the face of increasing medical costs, your inability to work (at least in the beginning) and other expenses, you might consider taking a settlement offer out of fear and panic. You should consider resisting that urge because it provides only a short-term solution to a long-term condition.

New York crash kills worker

As most drivers in New York know, trucks are a common sight on the busy roads of the state. As such, they can often become involved in road accidents, with devastating consequences. The size and weight of these vehicles can dramatically increase the resultant damage when such an incident occurs. Furthermore, if they are carrying a hazardous load at the time of the crash, this too can contribute to the harm caused.

Car accidents kill countless children each year

Most families in New York rely on a car to get about. They drive to work or to the grocery store, they drive their children to school or to visit friends. They even load up the whole household to go on holidays. The people who are most frequently in your car are often those closest to you, yet they are also the ones who are at risk if you are involved in an accident.

New York crash results in double fatality

It only takes the slightest error for disaster to occur. A moment's distraction, an unexpected obstacle, a sudden vehicle malfunction. Any of these issues can cause a car crash. However, the most dangerous things on the roads are often other drivers. No matter how careful you are or how well you know your route, things can still go wrong and you could find yourself involved in a serious accident.

Be aware of asbestos in your home

As many residents of New York are aware, asbestos can be extremely dangerous. Exposure can lead to a number of serious illnesses including mesothelioma, cancer and lung complaints. While you might hope that you are not at risk from such a substance, as this article on personal injury explains, everyone is exposed to it to some extent. It is in the soil, in water and even in the air.

You deserve to feel safe using everyday products

Residents of New York are often on the move, traveling to work, taking children to school, going to fetch groceries, the list is endless. This means that when a product they need goes wrong, it can throw their entire day out. Furthermore, depending on the type and extent of the malfunction, they could even face serious injuries. For example, if your car has a critical error when you are driving it, you could find yourself embroiled in a serious crash.

What is the respondeat superior doctrine?

When patients in New York experience poor or even harmful treatment from medical professionals, it is hardly surprising that many decide to take legal action. When you place your life and health into the hands of another, you hope that they will act with all the diligence and care they can muster. Unfortunately, all too many cut corners, fail to listen to their patients or even fail to adhere to basic procedures. As a result, their patients suffer serious injuries, worsened medical conditions or even death.

Not all car accidents are caused by drivers

Many residents of New York rely heavily on their vehicles. As such, the roads within the state are often busy and accidents are not uncommon. Any number of things can cause a crash and many accidents are the result of driver error. Distraction, negligence, fatigue, all these things can be a danger. However, when a crash occurs it is not always the fault of any of the people involved.

Can designers be liable for a flawed product?

Consumers in New York hope for the best from the products they buy, as does anyone. However, once in a while, they are let down, often with drastic and disastrous results. It is one thing when a product fails to function as it should. It is quite another when that same product malfunctions in a manner that puts you or your loved ones at risk or, worse, causes them harm.

New York car accident claims 2 lives

It is a sad fact that every year countless citizens of New York lose their lives in road accidents. A moment's inattentiveness, fatigue, bad weather conditions or an unexpected distraction, any of these things can result in an accident. Some people are fortunate and come out unscathed. However, all too often the victims of a car crash suffer serious injuries or even death.


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