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Posts tagged "car accident"

The unseen injuries are the ones to worry about after a crash

You expect to feel aches and pains after an accident. Even when the injuries seem minor, some pain exists because of the impact. Do not take those pains lightly, especially if your torso and abdominal area hurt. That pain could signify an internal injury that could kill you if not treated properly and immediately. Going to the hospital after a significant impact might seem like more of an inconvenience than anything else, but it could save your life.

What if a seat belt isn't as safe as you think?

There are 43 million drivers over 65 years old in the U.S. That's almost one in every five drivers, and in the next 30 years, the number of senior drivers is expected to grow by 77 percent. Unfortunately, the risk of being killed or injured in a car accident increases with age. The fatal crash rates rise significantly starting at ages 70-74 and peak for drivers 85 and older, in large part because older adults can't survive their injuries and any complications as well as younger drivers can.

3 tips for safe driving during wet weather

While snow and ice may seem like the likely culprits of motor vehicle accidents, wet pavement is also a huge problem for drivers. 1.2 million motor vehicle crashes are caused each year by wet pavement, although many drivers aren't safely prepared for these conditions. Staying safe in wet conditions means preparing before you start driving, so here are three tips that keep your carload safe during rainy, wet weather.

Car accidents kill countless children each year

Most families in New York rely on a car to get about. They drive to work or to the grocery store, they drive their children to school or to visit friends. They even load up the whole household to go on holidays. The people who are most frequently in your car are often those closest to you, yet they are also the ones who are at risk if you are involved in an accident.

New York crash kills driver

The roads of New York are no strangers to car accidents. Sadly, with the high volume of traffic that passes through the state each day, it is hardly surprising that once in a while someone makes a mistake. However, the tragic reality is that even the smallest slip can have devastating consequences, leaving the victims of such a crash with serious injuries or worse.

New York car accident claims 2 lives

It is a sad fact that every year countless citizens of New York lose their lives in road accidents. A moment's inattentiveness, fatigue, bad weather conditions or an unexpected distraction, any of these things can result in an accident. Some people are fortunate and come out unscathed. However, all too often the victims of a car crash suffer serious injuries or even death.

Woman arrested in New York after crashing into police vehicle

When drivers act carelessly or irresponsibly, it can have serious consequences for those around them. Whether they are overtired, driving while intoxicated or simply distracted for a moment, their mistakes can and often do cost lives. In New York, a young woman has been arrested following a car accident involving a police vehicle.

Mother killed in New York car accident

However careful you may be behind the wheel, it's impossible to predict every eventuality and you could still become involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, this is a reality that all too many New York drivers are confronted with and to which a 45-year-old mother recently lost her life.

New York driver injured in 2-vehicle crash

For many, driving is part of their day-to-day lives. For others, often in metropolitan areas, their means of transportation is by taxi. However, no matter how you choose to travel, a car accident can happen at any time. This is especially true if another driver on the road is negligent or not fit to drive.


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