Ranitidine (Zantac) recalled due to cancer risk

Zantac is one of the most popular heartburn medications in the United States. Millions of people use it frequently. That’s all due to change, as recent tests have revealed a cancer risk and major drugstores have started pulling the products. Here is what you need to know. Findings in September This is all very new,… read more

Burn Injuries: What you should know

Burns are some of the most serious and painful injuries a person can endure. In traumatic burn cases, permanent scarring and the loss of facial features, fingers and toes can occur. A scar from a severe burn can take up to two years to heal before cosmetic surgery can begin. Thousands of people suffer from… read more

Winter driving in New York City can be dangerous

Driving in New York City at any time of the year is no easy task. However, when you hit the road in inclement weather, you’ll find it even more challenging to maintain your safety. Despite the many dangers lurking, here are some tips you can follow to avoid trouble when driving this winter: Prepare your… read more

Child Victims Act

In January of 2019 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature adopted the Child Victims Act empowering victims of child sex crimes by extending the statute of limitations. The Child Victims Act, or CVA, went into effect on August 14, 2019 opening the door for thousands of victims to bring claims… read more

The right bicycle safety gear is a must

It doesn’t matter if you ride your bicycle to and from work every day or only jump in the saddle on the weekends, it’s critical to wear safety gear to protect you against serious injury in the event of an accident. Even the safest bicyclists have the potential to be part of an accident, with… read more

Dangers of Electronic Smoking Devices

Compact electronic smoking devices, widely known as e-cigs or vapes, have been linked with property damage and personal injury after malfunctions have caused them to catch fire or explode. Vape pen devices malfunctioning have been the root of hundreds of injuries ranging from second and third degree burns to fatal explosions. These explosions have happened… read more

How New York drivers can avoid crashes in winter

In New York and some other states, the number of auto accidents inevitably goes up during the winter. Car tires lose traction on roads that are wet, icy or snowy, and sudden maneuvers can cause the cars to skid or slide around. For this reason, drivers should try to limit their excursions to those that… read more

Hernia Mesh-Defective Medical Device

Hernia mesh is a surgical implant, often made of a synthetic plastic called polypropylene, that reinforces torn or damaged tissue around hernias and strengthens it as it heals. Hernia mesh is used in about 90% of hernia repair surgeries in the United States. Hernia mesh products include patches that are designed to go over or… read more

Driving very slowly can cause car accidents, too

When you hear about the connection between vehicle speed and car accidents, it almost always focuses on drivers who break the speed limit. This is dangerous, as common as it is. Speeding can cause accidents, it increases the severity of injuries in those accidents and it makes it harder for people to control their cars…. read more

Accidental gunshot kills officer in Rochester crash

Most in New York likely have a very clear idea of who is responsible for covering one injury expenses in most situations. In the case of a work-related injury, an employer’s workers’ compensation plan provider should cover it. When a car accident occurs, people rely on financial assistance from their auto insurance companies. Yet what… read more