Detailing the construction industry’s “Fatal Four”

It may come as little surprise to most in New York that construction routinely ranks among the most dangerous professions. Construction workers are often asked to operate complex equipment and heavy machinery in unforgiving environments and conditions. Yet what may be shocking is just how dangerous construction can be compared to other industries. The American… read more

Parents named in wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of baby

While wrongful death lawsuits in New York are often filed by the executor or personal representative of one’s estate, they are typically assumed to be filed on behalf of a decedent’s family. This is often the case, as the potential financial compensation that can come from such action is often meant to benefit the family. Yet… read more

#Metoo movement spurs NY to strengthen sexual harassment laws

In October, it will be two years since the #Metoo movement swept the country and led to a cultural reckoning. As a result, Harvey Weinstein now is facing charges sexual assault after multiple allegations, Bill O’Reilly lost his TV show after several sexual harassment complaints and Matt Lauer lost his longtime The Today Show job… read more

Unlicensed driver causes accident in Staten Island

Every day, New York residents trust that their own well-cultivated driving skills will help them avoid accidents with other vehicles. While there certainly may be something to be said about the ability of defensive driving tactics to help avoid collisions, oftentimes people are left at the mercy of others’ negligent actions. One cannot control whether… read more