Are truck drivers encouraged to speed?

The pressure to perform well at work is very real. Yet while you might feel it in your job, you may not automatically assign it to other professions in New York. Yet practitioners in all fields (including jobs that impact you both directly and indirectly) often feel compelled to do all that they can to… read more

Widely bought holiday toys that come with choking hazards

It is no secret to parents that many toys can pose major choking hazards to young children. In the coming days and weeks after holiday festivities, toddler-age children are likely to find any potentially dangerous parts on their new playthings. As you begin to transition back to normal, daily life again, keep an extra eye… read more

NYC introduces new bills to fight harassment in nightclubs

You and a few girlfriends decide to go out for a night of food, dancing and a few drinks. However, throughout the night, other patrons will not stop sexually harassing you. Many women have experienced sexual harassment in New York City’s bars and nightclubs. You may feel that you are powerless against it, even if… read more

Pedestrian Deaths Are Down, But Is The Problem Solved?

Fatal pedestrian accidents are at a 100-year low in New York City. In 2017, 101 pedestrians died after being hit by motor vehicles. That number is almost half of what it was in 2013, when the city instituted its Vision Zero plan to keep pedestrians safe. However, the number of pedestrian deaths that have been… read more

An increase in preventable accidents a concern for bus drivers

School bus drivers in New York have a pressing responsibility to protect the children they are in charge of getting to and from school each day. While each is required to undergo a background check and considerable training to guarantee that they understand their responsibilities, other motorists must also be paying attention to make sure… read more