Can sick truck drivers be made to work?

There is often an added degree of courage and commitment assigned to those who are willing to come into work when they are sick. While their dedication to their jobs may be admirable, in many cases, the best course of action may just be for them to stay home in bed. That is not only… read more

Recent study shows dangers of spinal cord stimulators

Out of all the potential devastating injuries you can receive, few can impair movement quite as much as a spinal cord injury. Whether you receive it from a car crash, fall or heavy object hitting your back, it can be difficult to find work or function normally after the initial incident. Thankfully, medical scientists have… read more

New York City women pay more for transit to avoid harassment

A new study has found troubling evidence that women in New York City pay a premium on public transportation to ensure their safety. The report, conducted by New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation, found some startling discrepancies between how men and women get around the city. The financial impact of sexual harassment Women are… read more

Tips for staying safe around school buses

Earlier this month, there were six school bus accidents over the course of three days in various states around the nation. Of those accidents, one accident involved five children and two adults. All seven people suffered life-threatening injuries, and two of the children remain in the hospital. That same day in another state, a school… read more

New tech devices may help protect NYC construction workers

A collaboration between three companies may help protect construction workers from onsite injuries. Insurance provider, The Travelers Companies, Inc., is partnering with contracting company Gilbane and Triax Technologies, a tech company focused on the construction industry. Devices send out auto alerts about onsite falls Triax created the Spot-r Clip, which is a small device worn… read more