Poor communication linked to patient deaths

For many New York residents, when they think about medical errors they think about things like being given the wrong medication, having a sponge or other item left inside the body after a surgery or failing to have a serious illness diagnosed. Certainly these are all examples of medical mistakes but there is another root… read more

Negligent entrustment explained

So you have been involved in a car accident with a reckless driver in Manhattan, and you are now learning that not only does he or she not have auto insurance, but that the vehicle he or she was driving belonged to someone else anyway. This scenario is that same that many of those that… read more

Young girl still suffering from botched surgery

The main obstacle that many in New York may have in bringing medical malpractice lawsuits is challenging the opinions and contrary assertions of those who treated them. Plaintiffs in these cases are typically not doctors or nurses. Thus, there medical knowledge likely pales in comparison to the clinicians who are the subjects of their lawsuits…. read more

What do you really know about sexual harassment?

If you are like other New York residents, you may have Hollywood’s depiction of sexual harassment in your mind. That image probably involves a male boss making unwanted advances to his female secretary behind the closed door of his office while she attempts to politely decline in order to keep her job. Sure, that happens,… read more

Reviewing average doctor visit times

Going to doctor is not decision that most in New York make lightly. You likely spend a day in bed when you feel sick, hoping that the rest will allow your body to combat whatever illness you have. Only if rest and over-the-counter medications do not work do you typically then schedule a doctor’s appointment…. read more

What services are available through workers’ comp?

If you have the misfortune of being injured at work in New York, workers’ compensation insurance typically will apply to help compensate you for income lost due to your injury. Along with monetary compensation, you may be entitled to receive vocational and medical rehabilitation as well. A lesser-known benefit available through the worker’s comp program… read more

Knowing how to spot abuse or neglect in a nursing home setting

Making the decision to entrust the care of a family member to a nursing home can be a difficult process. If you have a loved one who is no longer capable of caring for his or herself, you might have searched through dozens of care facilities before locating an establishment to provide the necessary care…. read more