When an employer violates workers comp laws

Accidents can happen anywhere, but when they occur on the job, the steps that unfold may differ from those of a typical incident. For instance, most New York employers are required by law to accommodate employees who have suffered an injury while at work. They may be required to supply proof of safety training, documentation… read more

Following safe riding procedures could help prevent a disaster

Much like many other avid bikers in New York, you may have placed your motorcycle in the garage throughout the winter months. However, with warmer temperatures just around the corner, perhaps you are eager to break out your bike as soon as the weather permits. While you could be excited about the prospect of taking… read more

Workplace accidents and the basics

Much like any other mishap, most New Yorkers would like to think that a workplace injury simply will not happen. Also like other incidents, workplace injuries tend to happen when employees least expect them. When the unexpected occurs, what are the responsibilities of employers and their employees?  First and foremost, Workplace Fairness stresses that safety… read more

Should all school buses require seat belts?

As the 2016 Chattanooga school bus crash still weighs heavily on the minds of American parents, many have asked whether school buses themselves should take stronger safety measures to protect their passengers. New York, along with other states, enforces special laws on its school buses. Nevertheless, many parents are concerned for the safety of their… read more

Train travel continues to be risky

You have many options when you want to travel, especially if you live in New York. For transcontinental travel, the train is one of the more popular choices. It is often less expensive than plane fare, infinitely less complicated and more relaxing than driving yourself. However, travel by train is not without its problems, and… read more

What happens after a workplace injury in new york?

A workplace injury is an occurrence most employees assume they can avoid entirely. Just as with any accident, most New Yorkers suffer injuries when they least expect them. When an accident happens on the job, workers have specific rights to compensation and benefits, depending on the situation and the type of injury. Knowing the state’s workplace injury… read more

Deaths among construction workers rise

Anyone in New York who has ever worked in a construction job or who has had a loved one employed in construction knows that there are inherent risks involved in work in this industry. Those risks, however, do not negate the responsibility of an employer to keep its employees safe. This responsibility spans many things… read more

The extremely dangerous repercussions of benzene exposure

New York workers who face exposure to dangerous chemicals in the workplace have rights. There are certain jobs that may place workers at an increased chance of contact with hazardous and dangerous materials, but there are ways that employers can and should protect the safety of their employees as much as possible. One of the… read more