Woman with MS struck by impaired driver

New York residents who must use wheelchairs when getting around the city may understandably feel a sense of vulnerability when near cars, trucks or other vehicles as they may be limited in their ability to avoid being hit more so than a person on foot might be. Every pedestrian whether on foot or on wheels… read more

Getting a second medical opinion

People in New York who receive medical diagnoses along with recommendations for treatments or procedures that may be invasive or have negative side effects have reason to be concerned. Similarly, people who are told by a doctor that nothing is wrong with them despite the fact that they are experiencing unusual and potentially unpleasant symptoms… read more

What is post-traumatic amnesia?

New York residents who get into accidents involving the head, skull, or brain, may experience something called post-traumatic amnesia. This is a type of memory loss brought on specifically by trauma to the head, which can result in bruising within the brain and other related injury. BrainLine states that rehabilitation can be a difficult period for… read more

Occupational diseases and work injuries

People who work in New York may well know that there is a state program designed to provide certain benefits to people who are injured on the job. These workers’ compensation benefits may also be available to people who become ill as a result of some job-related situation or activity. In addition to work-related illnesses,… read more

Distracted driving caught on camera

New York residents who want to make wise choices about how they can or should get from one place to another this time of year have no shortage of options anymore. Certainly there is a strong public transportation infrastructure in the city that most parts of the country do not enjoy. There are also ridesharing… read more