Where does liability lie in multi-car crashes?

When New York drivers get into a two-car accident, determining who’s at fault can already be a tricky task. Add more cars to the equation and you have an even more complicated problem. Just how is fault determined when it comes to a crash that involves multiple vehicles? FindLaw states that in these instances, crash reconstruction specialists… read more

Autonomous cars may be the solution to distractions

It is a fact of modern life that most residents in New York likely carry a cell phone with them most places they go anymore. There are many advantages to this technology and the role it has come to play in one’s business and personal world. However, like most things with benefits there are some… read more

What falls under the umbrella of surgical errors?

New York residents expect to be treated with care when they go in for surgery. Unfortunately, mistakes can still sometimes be made. , PC, are here to lend guidance and information if you’re struggling from an injury you received from a surgical error. First, you should know that there are many different types of surgical errors… read more

The most dangerous jobs in the country

The full-time work schedule is one most Americans are familiar with; whether an employee loves or despises the job, it puts food on the table. But what if that job compromises more than a good night’s sleep, or a night out on the town? Millions of the nation’s workers put their lives on the line daily so… read more

What are the most common workplace hazards?

Employees and employers in New York both do their best to ensure that their working environments are clean, healthy, and safe. However, every workplace has its hazards. Some may be hiding in plain sight. Knowing how to identify these sources of injury can help you make your work truly safe. Take One Step has divided workplace hazards into four… read more