Common workplace injuries

If you have spent any time on a construction site in New York, you know the hazards are numerous. However, if the contractors or property owners on the job are lax in their maintenance and safety standards, your chances of injury may increase dramatically. Here at Rosenbaum and Rosenbaum Attorneys at Law, we recognize the… read more

What is a medical device recall and what does that mean for you?

Medical devices are wonderful tools that can improve the health and well-being of a New York patient. However, there are sometimes problems with these devices, and often, people do not know about a problem until they are already using the device or after implantation. When there is an issue, there is typically a medical device… read more

OSHA investigations

When a New York resident is involved in an accident at work or develops an illness due to a work-related situation or environment, it may be necessary to have an investigation conducted to learn more about what may have contributed to the event or condition. This may be done by investigators from the U.S. Occupational… read more

Distracted driving and school bus accidents

For decades, school buses have served as reliable modes of transportation for children going to and from school, sports and extracurricular events or daycare. In recent years, however, the high numbers of bus accidents have caused national concern. And just as drivers of regular motor vehicles can become distracted by a number of factors, school bus… read more

New York graded C for worker safety

Workers across the state of New York know the hazards present in the workplace. In fact, a new report from the National Safety Council, “State of Safety,” only gives New York a C for protecting workers on the job. The report, which rates the safety of each state in the country based on road, home and… read more

Teens and driving: A risky combination?

As the parent of a teenager, you likely already have a laundry list of concerns, from curfew and alcohol to dating and more. Unfortunately, a new survey may have just given you yet another thing to worry about, if you hadn’t already: teenage driving safety. While you might think that with experience comes wisdom, this… read more

The fatal four on construction sites

Do you or someone you love work in the construction industry in New York? If so, you know that it only takes a brief moment for something to go wrong on a construction job site that may have extremely serious if not deadly repercussions. Certainly there are reasons that make construction a potentially risky line… read more

Compensation for your injuries as you ride the road to recovery

With the ever-increasing number of drivers out on the road, traffic is often a concern for many individuals across the country. Perhaps you have recently decided to travel to and from destinations via bicycle. In heavily congested areas, this mode of transportation may be faster than a vehicle. However, there could be a certain level… read more