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March 2017 Archives

Sleep-deprived truckers are a disaster waiting to happen

If you don't believe that drowsiness, sleep deprivation and fatigue present any real danger, consider the fact that history blames sleep deprivation for disasters such as the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl. One drowsy driver isn't going to cause that kind of devastation, but it's not just one drowsy driver. Research indicates that approximately 168 million people drove without adequate sleep last year.

Suing a doctor for misdiagnosing Alzheimer's

Many misdiagnosis suits focus on what wasn't done. The doctor thought it was the wrong disease therefore precious time was wasted treating an illness that wasn't there. Furthermore, the patient endured the side-effects of the medications and treatments associated with that misdiagnosed disease. But there is a second concern, the harm caused by the actual misdiagnosis. If a doctor tells you that you have Alzheimer's you are likely to find the news crushing, even perhaps to the point of suicide. Thus, misdiagnosis suits develop from two points, the lost time to combat the real disease and the mental anguish from dealing with the misdiagnosed disease.

Clinical trial tests Progesterone to treat severe TBIs

A TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a severe injury to the brain. It is defined by major damage to a person's brain that can result in decline in memory, cognitive function and neurological operations. Severe TBIs can substantially reduce the future well-being of the victim and even leave them dependent on outside care and machines. As such, many doctors are devoted to finding ways to treat victims of TBIs and to help them regain full function of their brains.

Fatal school bus crashes and litigation strategy

You probably remember the multi-fatality school bus crash in Tennessee. Now the families are pursuing litigation for deaths and fatalities connected to the collision. The nature of dealing with multi-plaintiff suits are complicated, and it isn't always clear who you can hold responsible for the accident. This post will go over how you investigate and prosecute these cases.

Uber tangles with California regulators and roads

Uber is facing one of its toughest challenges, filing for permits in California and San Francisco roads. Uber conquered the taxi business, develop self-driven cars and launched them in Pittsburgh, and cowed city governments all over the world. But it seems the hippie capital of the world is stumping Uber with its bike lanes and permit rules.

Study finds traffic fatalities are on the rise

Companies, non-profit organizations, and the government collectively spend millions of dollars on safety technologies and public relations campaigns to make cars safer and to educate the public on good driving practices. Despite all of that effort and money, the U.S. is experiencing a sharp rise in traffic fatalities that has alarmed safety experts.

Will that settlement offer cover the long-term cost of paralysis?

Whether you face the rest of your life as a quadriplegic (also called tetraplegic) or paraplegic after an accident, the insurance companies will more than likely offer you settlements far below what you need. In the face of increasing medical costs, your inability to work (at least in the beginning) and other expenses, you might consider taking a settlement offer out of fear and panic. You should consider resisting that urge because it provides only a short-term solution to a long-term condition.

My doctor wants to amputate. What will happen to me?

After suffering serious injuries in an accident, doctors work to determine what treatment will provide you with the best chance of getting back to a normal life. Unfortunately, that might mean the amputation of a limb. Fear and anxiety often surround hearing that you will lose a limb, but knowing what to expect might help reduce at least some of those emotions.

The unseen injuries are the ones to worry about after a crash

You expect to feel aches and pains after an accident. Even when the injuries seem minor, some pain exists because of the impact. Do not take those pains lightly, especially if your torso and abdominal area hurt. That pain could signify an internal injury that could kill you if not treated properly and immediately. Going to the hospital after a significant impact might seem like more of an inconvenience than anything else, but it could save your life.


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