When an accident is not your fault, yet insurance premiums rise

Life is chaotic following a car accident due to the negligence of another driver. While you may deal with emotional trauma, physical pain and inconvenience, you feel lucky that you were not responsible for the collision, nor did you receive a ticket. Depending on your insurance provider, confidence that your premiums will not be affected… read more

Traumatic brain injuries and slip and falls

Slip and falls are a deceptively innocuous name for a very active area of litigation. Slips and trips may not sound dangerous but many people, under the right conditions, suffer catastrophic injuries to their back, neck, and brain due to slip and falls. This post will go over the potential brain injuries you could suffer from… read more

Study finds racial gap in cervical cancer deaths

Cervical cancer is a death knell for many women, even today. Cervical cancer is one of those rare types of cancer that is difficult to detect and therefore deadly once it is discovered. As such, cervical cancer is the frequent subject of studies to discern its cause, development, and how it is treated in the… read more

The effects of positive parenting on children suffering from TBI

For parents whose children suffered traumatic brain injuries, they immediately want answers on not only the immediate effects, but also their children’s long-term prognosis. More than 630,000 children and teenagers nationwide are treated in emergency rooms for TBI each year. Information is power for parents whose children face an uncertain future. Those feeling powerless may… read more

A safety review of trucks

The majority of accidents with trucks occur in one of the four “no-zones.” A no-zone is an area around the truck that is exceptionally dangerous because of the structure of the trucks. This post is specifically addressing big rigs with attached tractor-trailers. There are no-zones around every vehicle, including passenger cars, but in those situations, they… read more

Regulators push tech companies to add warnings for rail crossings

Earlier this year, a truck was led astray by a defective navigation app which stranded his truck on a rail crossing. The driver left the truck to seek assistance, and a train crashed into the truck, derailing it. The accident caused several fatalities. The driver is now being indicted for vehicular manslaughter and other associated… read more

Defective Medical Devices-Use of IVC Filters in Trauma Patients

The IVC Filter is a product aimed at preventing blood clots in those patients who are at risk. Many physicians implant these Filters in trauma patients as well as those susceptible to DVTs or blood clots, however a new study shows that the success of these IVC Filters are questionable at best.  These cage-like devices… read more

Uber tangles with California regulators and roads

Uber is facing one of its toughest challenges, filing for permits in California and San Francisco roads. Uber conquered the taxi business, develop self-driven cars and launched them in Pittsburgh, and cowed city governments all over the world. But it seems the hippie capital of the world is stumping Uber with its bike lanes and… read more

Train crash in Brooklyn injures over 100 people

A train on the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) failed to stop and crashed into a bumper barrier at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. More than 100 people were injured, however, luckily, there were no fatalities. The LIRR is a staple commuter train in New York. It connects New York suburbs with New York proper and… read more