Why you should seek a second medical opinion

As a patient, you depend on your doctor or other medical professional to accurately assess your symptoms, come up with a diagnosis and create a treatment plan that works to improve your life as much as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when you may want a second opinion before trusting what your doctor has to… read more

Medical malpractice damage caps explained

In response to rising medical insurance premiums, many states passed medical malpractice “caps.” You are still entitled to compensatory damages for your injuries, however, what you can recover and for what is capped. The largest share of these damages was for pain and suffering and is the first place most states limited malpractice liability. This… read more

Should carmakers be liable when an autonomous car crashes?

At first blush, it seems that defects in autonomous cars should be treated as any other defect, under products liability. In a products liability suit, the manufacturer, supplier, retailer or seller bears responsibility once the plaintiff establishes that the product was defective and that defect caused her injury. Typically, the plaintiff must prove a particular… read more

New York is piloting new bus safety program

Earlier this year, Governor Cuomo announced the Metropolitan Transit Authority (“MTA”) is pioneering a new pilot program to roll out additional safety technologies to transit buses. The two new technologies include a pedestrian turn warning system and a collision avoidance system. The program is expected to roll out city-wide by the fourth quarter of 2016. The Governor… read more

An overview of the four types of nursing homes

Nursing homes are private facilities that provide shelter and care to people who are aged, infirm, sick or disabled. The vast majority of nursing homes receive funding through Medicare and Medicaid and are thus subject to substantial federal regulation and oversight, in addition to state regulators. The federal government is extremely interested in regulating nursing… read more

3 tips for safe driving during wet weather

While snow and ice may seem like the likely culprits of motor vehicle accidents, wet pavement is also a huge problem for drivers. 1.2 million motor vehicle crashes are caused each year by wet pavement, although many drivers aren’t safely prepared for these conditions. Staying safe in wet conditions means preparing before you start driving,… read more