Some common questions with wrongful death suits

Wrongful death suits, like many things in the legal world, are not entirely intuitive. There are many restrictions on who can bring these suits, what damages are recoverable, what claims you can add to the suit and other issues. This post will go over some of the questions inherent to wrongful death suits and, hopefully, bring… read more

Smart watches and distracted driving

Smart watches and fitness trackers are the latest tech fad to hit the market. There are a variety of “smart” wrist-worn devices from simple fitness trackers to complex products that are mini-substitutes for phones like the Apple Watch and Galaxy Gear. Unfortunately, the expansion of all these devices means that there is yet another device… read more

Basic facts about traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Most people do not realize it, but serious brain injuries can be a result of automobile collisions even when the impact is fairly low-speed. Occasionally, they can even happen when passengers are otherwise uninjured if other factors like whiplash are at play. This is because traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can stem from a variety… read more

Samsung is halting production of the Galaxy Note 7

You probably heard the recent news about the Galaxy Note 7, that they have a tendency to explode. One exploded on an airplane which necessitated an evacuation and a few caught fire while people were asleep. They caught fire before the recall and after. The original models and the “fixed” ones both explode. All of… read more

What to do after you have been involved in a car accident

Every year, thousands of motorists and passengers across the United States experience car accidents. While modern safety features mean many accidents are injury-free for those involved, there are still tens of thousands of accident related injuries and deaths every year. While accidents are incredibly common overall, the size of the national population is such that… read more

It Is Good To Share Even Possibly Negative Information With Your Attorney When You Have Been Hurt

There are many things to consider when pursuing a claim for an injury you suffered. One of the things that most people have not thought of is how any past personal injury lawsuits they were involved in could impact the success of any current litigation. A case being brought against the City of New York… read more

U.S. government introduces self-driving car policy

The White House just introduced the first federal self-driving car policy. Before this policy, the majority of regulations was ad hoc and introduced by a smattering of federal agencies. The purpose of this new policy is to coordinate these various agencies and facilitate a self-driving car future. This post will discuss the new Federal Automated… read more