Wrongful death lawsuit after fatal club shooting

It seems that fatal shootings are becoming increasingly commonplace. Every week there is a new headline discussing the latest shooting or mass murder. Unfortunately, in Florida, a rising basketball star was gunned down after exiting a club. He received treatment at the local hospital. Sadly, he passed away. His family sent letters to the club… read more

Overview of School Bus Safety in New York

Everyone is familiar with the big yellow school bus. And perhaps your child boards one to make his or her trek to school. The buses are a staple on television to denote traditional school experiences. Unfortunately, school buses are not all fun memories and nostalgia. School buses are serious machines that must safely bring students… read more

Former wrestlers sue WWE for brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries were the buzzword for all manner of neurological injuries associated with football, soccer, and cheerleading. But one sport went largely under the radar regarding traumatic brain injury investigations ? wrestling. More than 50 former wrestlers sued the WWE arguing that the WWE knew about the potential for brain injury and withheld information… read more

500,000 Hoverboards recalled after fires

Hoverboards, among the biggest ticket items during last winter’s shopping season, are being recalled after some owners reported explosions and fires causing serious injuries. The deceptively named ‘hoverboard’ (after the technology seen in Back to the Future) are two-wheeled motorized scooters. They don’t actually hover, like the ones seen in the movies, instead they are… read more

Who is liable in an accident with a self-driven car?

You probably read about the unfortunate accident in Florida involving a self-driven car. This accident, while tragic, also raises issues of liability, fault, and legality. In an accident involving a self-driven car, who is at fault? Can you sue the car manufacturer for products liability if the onboard computer malfunctioned? What if the computer did… read more

Medical malpractice suits require careful consideration

Putting your life in another person’s hands takes a tremendous amount of trust. These feelings of loss and confusion can be overwhelming but it is important that you clearly think through any decision you choose. You don’t want to make any rash choices. Here are six things to consider before filing a lawsuit. First, how… read more