A no-fault insurance system for medical malpractice claims?

No-fault insurance, as it is for cars and worker’s compensation, basically means that there is no investigation or trial to determine who was at fault for the accident or injury. Everyone is covered by their insurance carrier and they recover against their insurance carrier. It is good for companies (or hospitals and doctors) because it… read more

Things to know before seeing an attorney, pt. 2

Truck accidents are devastating, far more devastating than a run-of-the-mill crash between two midsize sedans. As discussed in a prior article, they are also complicated to litigate. This article is part two and sums up the rest of the information you should bring to a meetingg with an attorney. What will follow is broken down… read more

Insuring and registering your car in New York

Every state imposes specific requirements on car insurance, sometimes less reputable insurance agents will try to skirt these regulations and offer you coverage that fails to meet these standards. If your car insurance policy does not provide minimum standard coverage, then it is possible that your insurer may try to deny your claim. This article… read more

Things to know before seeing an attorney, pt. 1

An accident with a semi-truck is a bone-chilling prospect for any commuter. Unfortunately, the problems with trucks do not end with their overwhelming size. In fact, truck cases can be among the most complex to litigate. The operation of commercial trucks involves a complex web of business relationships from truck leaseholders, the driver, dispatcher, employer,… read more

Alleged misdiagnosis of infant’s injuries results in lawsuit

Everyone wants to be able to trust their doctor. Unfortunately, doctors are human, just like everyone else. Typically, you would not associate legal problems with medical decisions, but sometimes, they do intersect. A woman in Ohio filed a lawsuit against two doctors for allegedly misdiagnosing her baby. She claims that her child was misdiagnosed with… read more

IVC Filter-Defective Medical Devices

IVC Filter, a product aimed at preventing traveling blood clots from causing further damage to the body has been proven to have adverse effects leading them to be categorized as defective medical devices.  The defective medical devices, IVC Filters, are usually recommended to be used when different inconsistencies prevent or limit the use of blood… read more