Inspection of blood testing company’s labs reveals problems

Theranos Labs, a company specializing in blood testing services, has recently faced scrutiny from U.S. heath inspectors. Inspections of the company’s labs conducted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services revealed the issues. While the final results of the inspections will be revealed to the public at a future date, the company has been… read more

What to do if a government-owned car hits you

You heard the crunch of metal and plastic behind you, the screech of your protesting wheels. And you felt the violent snap of your neck as your body propelled forward but your head did not. Your neck is sore, and surprisingly, it was a police car that struck the back-end of your vehicle. Filing claims… read more

What is the “standard of care?”

Everyone has probably heard about someone suing a doctor or hospital for medical malpractice. You have also probably been privy to or part of a conversation or argument over the merits of medical malpractice lawsuits. One side may argue that it discourages doctors from taking high-risk patients or specializing in high-risk fields because of their… read more

The source of a product defect can be hard to trace

In the United States, product liability laws exist as a means to help protect consumers from injuries caused by defective products. A manufacturing defect, in the most basic sense, basically means that something went wrong when the particular product was being assembled. Some of the most publicized manufacturing defects involve foodborne illnesses, contaminants in prescription… read more

Possible recoveries for a wrongful death suit

Wrongful death, as you are probably aware, is a lawsuit that you may bring on behalf of a deceased loved one. The way these lawsuits work is that you “stand” in the place of the decedent. This means that you are your deceased family member’s representative in court. This is a sensitive area of law… read more

Compensation for wrongful death actions

The problem with wrongful death actions is that there are no injuries for which compensation can be granted, like a broken arm or concussion. And there is no direct witness that can attest to the pain and suffering they felt. When these two classic ways of establishing damages are absent, courts and juries must look to… read more

Settling truck accident lawsuits

If you or a family member are ever injured in a truck accident, you will likely want to seek compensation to cover medical and other expenses. Your ultimate goal is to reach a settlement that generates an amount of recompense appropriate to your needs. Settlement is available throughout the entire legal process. You may settle… read more