Pedestrians vulnerable to fatal injuries if struck on interstates

It is never ideal for a pedestrian to be walking near a busy interstate. With all the cars and trucks whizzing by at high rates of speed, pedestrians are especially vulnerable on an interstate. Interstates are constructed to allow the rapid movement of motor vehicles; they are not meant to accommodate an abundance of pedestrian… read more

What to do if you are a victim in a hit-and-run

A hit-and-run is an accident in which a pedestrian is struck by an automobile and the driver fails to stop. Hit-and-runs are criminal offenses and they also give rise to civil liability. Normally, you would rely on the police to locate and arrest the suspect. Once you identify the person that struck you, you can… read more

If I am struck by a car, what are my compensation options?

New York is a no-fault insurance state. This means that if you are in a car accident then you file a claim against your own insurer to cover your damages. However, many New Yorkers don’t own a car.  Therefore, they don’t have any insurance, so what happens if you’re crossing Houston and someone barrels off… read more

How to figure appropriate compensation for your brain injury

Brain injuries are terrifying. Infections, broken bones and lacerations are all something tangible; something you can fight with determination and science. However, a brain injury is insidious. You may not even be aware that your brain is injured. With medical expenses piling up, you or a loved one may be tempted to accept an insurance… read more

The Three Types of Products Liability Suits

One of the worst kind of accidents or disasters can occur when something you take for granted stops working. It could be something simple, like if your alarm clock breaks on the very day you have an important appointment. And it is also true when your car suddenly catches fire for no discernable reason. Last week General… read more

No-fault insurance and bus accidents

We’ve all done it. The train is down for repairs at a station between your house and work, so you catch a bus connection to the next station. It’s standing room only so you can’t grab a seat. You look down to check your phone, and suddenly you are thrown to the floor. You hear whining wheels,… read more

What do I do when my surgery goes very wrong?

You haven’t felt like yourself since the surgery. The doctor said that you would experience discomfort for the next few days, but it was only an appendectomy. Finally, you can’t stand it. You head to your GP and explain how you’ve been feeling. The GP takes a quick X-ray and there it is, the source… read more