Your personal injury claim may cover time off work

Most drivers in New York know how important it is to be aware of trucks on the roads, especially as it is not always easy for these large vehicles to keep track of other road users. Trucks have large blind spots in which smaller vehicles like cars and motorcycles can be lost. If the truck… read more

Can physician-patient privilege be waived?

Every year in New York, people die in tragic and preventable accidents. Sadly, no matter how carefully you go through life, you could still be at risk. It only takes one person’s mistake to cause chaos for everyone, and you could find yourself facing serious injuries or worse. This in turn may leave you unable… read more

Support is on hand if you are injured by a defective product

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You should not have to pay the price for medical negligence

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Tour bus collides with New York building

Throughout New York, tour buses are a common site. This busy state relies on buses as a part of its infrastructure and countless individuals travel on these vehicles every week. However, as is the case with any vehicle on the roads, buses can become embroiled in devastating accidents, often leaving passengers and even other road… read more