Many organizations can help you with your claim

The roads of New York see countless accidents every year, caused by every kind of vehicle. However, many of the more notable and devastating crashes are those involving trucks. This is largely because the sheer size and weight of these vehicles means that when one becomes involved in an accident, it tends to cause extensive… read more

What are the duties of a common carrier?

Not everyone in New York can drive or even wants to drive. However, they may still need to get around quickly. As such, the state’s public transport system is invaluable. Numerous vehicles travel throughout the state every day, often carrying dozens of people at a time. However, the big problem is that when one of… read more

Always seek help after a head injury

Most people in New York have hit their head at one time or another. Often it is just a minor knock and, although it may hurt a little, no more is thought of it. In many cases, this turns out to be fine and there are no lasting effects. However, this is not always the… read more

Child survives New York car accident

A single mistake on the part of a road user can result in lifetime devastation for the victims of an ensuing accident. Sadly, this happens all too often in New York. The busy roads are often full of both vehicles and pedestrians, so when a crash occurs, there are often many people nearby who can… read more