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May 2015 Archives

What support is there for victims of brain injury?

Throughout New York, countless families have had to adapt to the serious injuries suffered by one or more of their loved ones. Tragic accidents caused by the negligence, carelessness or even malice of other people can result in life-changing harm being caused to innocent people. This can range from minor injuries that take them out of work for a brief period while they recover, to those that leave them permanently changed or disabled.

New York crash kills worker

As most drivers in New York know, trucks are a common sight on the busy roads of the state. As such, they can often become involved in road accidents, with devastating consequences. The size and weight of these vehicles can dramatically increase the resultant damage when such an incident occurs. Furthermore, if they are carrying a hazardous load at the time of the crash, this too can contribute to the harm caused.

Know your rights in the wake of a bus accident

Buses are a common sight on the roads of New York. Yet it is easy to forget how easily these essential vehicles can become involved in an accident. Like all large vehicles they have blind spots and are highly susceptible to collisions. Furthermore, since they are often carrying a large number of passengers, the consequences of such an accident can often be devastating.

Car accidents kill countless children each year

Most families in New York rely on a car to get about. They drive to work or to the grocery store, they drive their children to school or to visit friends. They even load up the whole household to go on holidays. The people who are most frequently in your car are often those closest to you, yet they are also the ones who are at risk if you are involved in an accident.


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