Malpractice awards are often subject to caps

The majority of New York residents have to rely on a medical practitioner at some point in their lives. Whether you have a minor illness or are in need of a major operation or serious treatment, you hope that your doctors will act with due diligence and do all they can to speed your recovery…. read more

New York crash leaves victim with TBI

It is no secret that a brain injury can turn your life upside-down. These injuries can be so varied that it is difficult to know what to expect or how best to treat them. The sooner the injury is identified, the better, as this gives doctors a better chance of beginning a treatment that may… read more

A contusion may be as serious as a concussion

It is no secret that the brain is an exceedingly delicate organ. Unfortunately, every year in New York, countless individuals suffer injuries to their heads that result in long-term damage to their brains. No matter how small the impact may initially seem, if you hit your head, it is always advisable to seek immediate medical… read more

New York crash results in double fatality

It only takes the slightest error for disaster to occur. A moment’s distraction, an unexpected obstacle, a sudden vehicle malfunction. Any of these issues can cause a car crash. However, the most dangerous things on the roads are often other drivers. No matter how careful you are or how well you know your route, things… read more