Be aware of asbestos in your home

As many residents of New York are aware, asbestos can be extremely dangerous. Exposure can lead to a number of serious illnesses including mesothelioma, cancer and lung complaints. While you might hope that you are not at risk from such a substance, as this article on personal injury explains, everyone is exposed to it to… read more

East Village Manhattan Building Collapse

Today, Thursday March 26, 2015, an explosion occurred in Manhattan’s East Village in what officials called a possible building collapse in the area of East 7th and 2nd Avenue. The first two floors of a red-brick building at the scene appear to have crumbled. Flames were engulfing two buildings at the scene and firefighters were… read more

New York crash kills driver

The roads of New York are no strangers to car accidents. Sadly, with the high volume of traffic that passes through the state each day, it is hardly surprising that once in a while someone makes a mistake. However, the tragic reality is that even the smallest slip can have devastating consequences, leaving the victims… read more

Are brain injuries easy to detect?

Most people in New York will have hit their head on something at some point in their lives. However, something that far too few people realize is that even a seemingly minor knock can have life-changing consequences. The brain is extremely delicate and even with the protection of the skull, it can still be seriously… read more

You deserve to feel safe using everyday products

Residents of New York are often on the move, traveling to work, taking children to school, going to fetch groceries, the list is endless. This means that when a product they need goes wrong, it can throw their entire day out. Furthermore, depending on the type and extent of the malfunction, they could even face… read more

What is the respondeat superior doctrine?

When patients in New York experience poor or even harmful treatment from medical professionals, it is hardly surprising that many decide to take legal action. When you place your life and health into the hands of another, you hope that they will act with all the diligence and care they can muster. Unfortunately, all too… read more