Wrongful death suit filed over budding actress’ death

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when their death is sudden and unexpected. All too often, lives are ended as the result of another person’s negligence, carelessness or even malice. These tragic incidents leave families struggling to understand how or why such a thing could have happened and wondering how to move forward…. read more

A brain injury could change your life

It is all too easy to forget how swiftly lives can be turned upside down. Throughout New York, countless individuals live with injuries that have altered the way they move, act and even think. In many cases, these injuries involve some form of trauma to the head, damaging the victim’s brain and permanently changing the… read more

Not all car accidents are caused by drivers

Many residents of New York rely heavily on their vehicles. As such, the roads within the state are often busy and accidents are not uncommon. Any number of things can cause a crash and many accidents are the result of driver error. Distraction, negligence, fatigue, all these things can be a danger. However, when a… read more

A misdiagnosis could leave you in a worse condition

When you are unwell, it is hard not to speculate about what might be wrong. Unfortunately, many symptoms can be present in multiple, vastly different illnesses, meaning that what appears to be one illness could actually be another. Fortunately, your doctor is trained to weigh up all the possibilities and treat you for the condition… read more

Can designers be liable for a flawed product?

Consumers in New York hope for the best from the products they buy, as does anyone. However, once in a while, they are let down, often with drastic and disastrous results. It is one thing when a product fails to function as it should. It is quite another when that same product malfunctions in a… read more