New York roads see multiple accidents due to poor weather

The roads of New York are not always as safe as you might hope. Sadly, with so many people rushing about their day-to-day business, it is all too easy for disaster to strike. A moment’s inattentiveness, a vehicle malfunction or an unexpected hazard can lead to a serious accident. In the icy months of winter,… read more

Are you being poisoned?

As you may already be aware, manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe and functional. This means that they should do the job they are supposed to without causing harm and without malfunctioning in a way that might cause harm. However, something that many people in New York forget is that… read more

Any head trauma could cause brain injury

As many residents of New York already know, a head injury can often be a serious matter. Aside from the potential risk of damage to facial features, sight and hearing, the brain is also put at great risk. However, something many people don’t realize is that even a seemingly minor blow can be extremely dangerous…. read more

New York smash kills young drivers

The roads of New York are often busy, especially during the holiday season. As people rush about to make last minute preparations or travel long distances to see family members, it is all too easy to be a little less careful on the road than usual. Sadly, it only takes one slip-up for devastating events… read more

When doctors fail you should not suffer in silence

As most people in New York will find, at some point in your life you are very likely to require the attention of a medical professional. Perhaps you simply need a checkup with a general practitioner, perhaps you need a blood test or a vaccination or maybe you need to go through an operation or… read more