Check whether your car has been recalled

When products you rely on fail, it can be frustrating, distressing and even dangerous. This is especially the case when the product in question is your vehicle. Many families in New York rely on their cars for many aspects of their day-to-day living, whether they are taking children to school, traveling to work or simply… read more

Does your bereavement count as wrongful death?

There are countless matters to sort out in the wake of a loved one’s death. Notifying friends and family, organizing a funeral, determining who is to administer their estate. It all takes time and can be extremely draining, both emotionally and physically. However it is something that countless families in New York face each year…. read more

Seek immediate help if you suspect a brain injury

The damage that can be caused by a minor knock is far greater than many people realize. However, each year in New York, more and more families become familiar with the tragic reality of living with a brain injury. Victims of these devastating injuries often have their lives completely altered and often require constant supervision… read more

How does misdiagnosis occur?

The thought that you could go to see your doctor or be sent to the hospital yet come out in a worse condition than you were in when you arrived is a worrying one. While many patients in New York receive excellent treatment, not everyone is so fortunate. Each year countless patients suffer severe exacerbation… read more

Unsafe gas appliances can cause devastating injuries

Many people in New York use gas appliances every day, whether it is a furnace, stove, or anything else with a propane or natural gas line running to it. These appliances are so common that many people take them for granted. However, when one of them malfunctions, the results can be disastrous, ranging from fires… read more

Massive New York crash causes multiple injuries

The busy roads of New York see countless accidents every year. A moment’s distraction, an unexpected malfunction or the erratic behavior of another driver can all lead to an accident. Suddenly, you’re facing repair bills for your vehicle and the prospect of dealing with your insurance provider, not to mention medical expenses and a potentially… read more

When a mother dies the whole family is impacted

The birth of a baby is usually a happy event. It is a new chapter for the family and a new life to nurture, raise and share memories with. However, what should be a day of joy becomes a day of tragedy for some families, when negligent medical professionals make mistakes that result in the… read more