New York sees highest medical malpractice payouts

Being ill or injured is an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, there is often little you can do other than trust in your doctors and hope for a speedy recovery. But what happens if your doctor makes a mistake? He or she might miss the true cause of your condition or perhaps prescribe the wrong medicine for… read more

How are brain injuries treated?

Suffering a traumatic brain injury can be life-changing, both for the victim and their family. Unfortunately it is something that affects countless people in New York every year. These injuries can range in severity dramatically, depending on the type of injury, the region of the brain that is damaged and how quickly treatment is begun…. read more

Pedestrian killed in New York car accident

It is an unfortunate fact that no one is completely safe on the roads. Regardless of how careful you are personally, another person’s negligence or misjudgment could cause a series of events that have devastating consequences for you and everyone else sharing the road at the time. Sadly, you may not even be safe as… read more

A faulty hip replacement could have devastating effects

Undergoing a hip replacement can be quite a traumatic experience. It is a large operation from which it takes a considerable amount of time to recover. Even so, a successful hip replacement can greatly improve your quality of life, so it is often worth the inconvenience. However, it is an unfortunate fact that these procedures… read more

What are the possible long-term effects of a brain injury?

If you have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, the future may seem uncertain. The fragility of the brain and its importance within the body mean that even a seemingly minor injury can have devastating consequences. You could find yourself unable to return to work or even to perform simple tasks. Furthermore you may… read more