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October 2014 Archives

New York pedestrian injured by out-of-control car

Most drivers realize that traveling on the roads has inherent dangers. All you can do is be as responsible and careful as possible, so you are prepared for the worst. Accidents may still happen, but by remaining alert, you may be able to minimize the damage. But what happens if you are a pedestrian? However careful you might be, there is little you can do when faced with a speeding or out-of-control vehicle.

Know your state's laws when filing a malpractice claim

Undergoing medical treatment can be taxing, not to mention expensive. However, health is important, so most people will do all they can to preserve it. New York is home to many excellent doctors and nurses who go above and beyond to protect and care for their patients. Unfortunately, it only takes one act of negligence for disaster to strike and some medical personnel simply do not give their job the attention that they should.

Defective toys could harm your children

It is every parent's worst nightmare: your child is happily playing with a new toy when, suddenly, disaster strikes. Perhaps there is a small, detachable part, perhaps the edges are too sharp or perhaps the toy contains or is coated with a hazardous substance. Whatever the case, such incidents could cause devastating harm to your child.

How do you know if you have a concussion?

It can be all too easy to dismiss an injury as minor and harmless. However, when that injury is a blow to the head, it should not be ignored. Brain injuries can have long-term effects with life-changing consequences which may be even more severe if left untreated. In a previous post, we looked at the options available in the wake of a brain injury, but how can you tell if you have been affected by one?

Do not run out of time to file your malpractice claim

Being injured at the hands of medical professionals is a devastating experience. You place your trust and even your life in the hands of doctors and nurses in the hope that they will care for you to the best of their ability. Many do just that, but unfortunately it is not always the case. To make things worse, when a medical professional fails in his or her duty, it is usually you, the patient, that suffers for it.


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