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July 2014 Archives

Do you have a medical malpractice case?

Whether you have suffered an injury, you're coping with an ongoing illness or even if you're receiving care during your pregnancy or birth, you put your well-being in the hands of medical professionals. Sadly, although many doctors and nurses perform their jobs excellently, some do not exercise sufficient care. As a result, many patients in New York and throughout the U.S. see their conditions exacerbated or simply left undiagnosed.

Woman arrested in New York after crashing into police vehicle

When drivers act carelessly or irresponsibly, it can have serious consequences for those around them. Whether they are overtired, driving while intoxicated or simply distracted for a moment, their mistakes can and often do cost lives. In New York, a young woman has been arrested following a car accident involving a police vehicle.

Mother sues Sheriff's Office over her daughter's death

If a person close to you has ever been endangered by someone else's negligence, you may have found yourself wanting to seek justice for the wrongdoing. But what if that incident didn't simply endanger your loved one, but brought about their death? Sadly, families across the U.S. experience the wrongful death of someone close to them all too often and New York families are no exception. In such cases, some choose to challenge those responsible in order to find answers, closure and compensation for their loss.

Young girl suffers brain injury in New York accident

Head trauma is always worrying, however minor it may seem. The effects of a brain injury do not always present themselves immediately, so victims are often left with concerns for weeks after their injury occurs. For those victims who find they have symptoms of a brain injury, matters are even more serious, as they may be left unable to perform everyday tasks or even require long-term care.

Honda to compensate man injured by faulty seatbelt

Every day in New York, we put our faith in a vast number of products. But what happens when those products fail? Sometimes it is only a minor annoyance. However, in other cases, a defective product can be extremely dangerous or even life-threatening. Manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the products they sell. Unfortunately, this does not always mean that those products are either safe or reliable.

GM Recalls Expand to more vehicles

General Motors has announced that it has recalled 8.4 million more vehicles worldwide due to an ignition recalled.  This announcement came just after General Motors compensation expert unveiled a plan to pay victims of accidents involving the previously 2.6 million recalled vehicles.


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